by @nottrobin

  1. The degrading of big tech

    The mismanagment of big tech monopolies is impoverishing the world. We should do something about it.

  2. Victims and abusers

    It may not be helpful to cast all abusers as scheming psychopaths

  3. Things I don't know yet

    These are technologies are mentioned a lot nowadays, and I'd like to know them better

  4. Modern Monetary Theory

    Government should spend until there's full employment. Anything less is theft.

  5. Offices are expensive

    The obvious costs of running an office-based team just couldn't be justified after the pandemic

  6. Build an anchor

    To build a life within the chaos of infinity, we each need an anchor.

  7. Programming principles

    Some principles that I hold in high regard for solving problems well in programming

  8. Writing for the web

    The contents of a talk I'm giving tomorrow on best practices for online writing

  9. Regex basics

    An overview of regex and how to use it, from a few different angles. Including appropriate warnings like 'avoid regex'.

  10. Why have a blog?

    Laying out the goals & principles for my site

  11. A sneak preview

    Some posts I hope to write over the next few days

  12. Gaining discipline

    I have trouble being disciplined, and it prevents my doing a lot of stuff I really wanna do.

  13. Why migration should increase

    I am a strong advocate of migration to the UK. I believe it's the only ethical and economically responsible position to hold.

  14. Prepare for when Ubuntu freezes

    I just discovered this one neat trick to free up RAM in Ubuntu even when my mouse and keyboard stop responding.

  15. Letters about refugees

    My correspondence with David Mackintosh, the Conservative MP for Northampton (my new home) about the refugee crisis. Spoiler: We didn't agree.

  16. Some of my ideas for projects

    I often have ideas for digital projects or organisations, and I really see no point keeping them secret, so I'm going to start trying to share them here.

  17. Agile philosophy: A summary

    This is a short description of what Agile philosophy is all about, distinct from any Agile methodologies (like Scrum or Kanban). I wrote this in September of 2012.

  18. PHP best practices

    A bunch of best practices for PHP which I wrote back in 2012

  19. Luminous beings are we

    A piece of creative writing from my diary from last year. It's about the ebb and flow of humanity, and how life is hacking.

  20. A summary of python code style conventions

    Recently I've been learning Python. I just found out about PEP 8 and PEP 257, which are guidelines for how to write python code. To solidify them in my mind, I'm going to summarise them here.

  21. Using a virtual environment with Python 3.4

    I recently started learning Python and Django, and so I've been working out how to setup a good virtual environment. Here's how to do it the native way in Python 3.4.

  22. Stories of depression

    I've been thinking about depression lately. Here are a few of my favourite stories about depression.

  23. I will want to be with my baby

    When I have children, I will take every opportunity I can to spend time with them. That is why I fully support the new Liberal Democrats flexible parenting policy.

  24. Writing expressive code

    Reading some legacy code today reminded me of some general principles that programmers could follow to make code easier to manage for future developers. I may have got a bit carried away...

  25. Are the U.S constitution's days numbered?

    I was just reading a very interesting article in The Atlantic about the prospect of rewriting the constitution. It made quite a compelling argument.

  26. Public analytics data for

    Some up-to-date and public Analytics data from unique pageviews over time; unique visitors over time; visits by browser; visita by country; visits by operating-system; visits by depth

  27. Why I love the internet

    A little brain-dump about my passions and how it all adds up to absolutely loving the internet and everything it stands for

  28. DSR & how photodirect tried to steal £10

    The story of how I bought an iPad from photodirect, but when I tried to send it back, they attempted to cheat me of my consumer rights. I also explore the rights consumers have under UK Distance Selling Regulations.

  29. Chrome v25 breaks layout of date field

    Chrome ruined my day by introducing a serious breaking change in the update to v25. The HTML5 input date type is likely to display wrong.

  30. An open letter to Avaaz

    An email I sent to Avaaz in opposition of the their stance against David Cameron on the press.

  31. Sass just became feasible

    Now that Chrome Developer Tools and Firebug support Sass debugging, CSS pre-processors have a viable future.

  32. Blog ideas

    A dynamic post containing all my ideas for blogs to write some-day.