Why I love the internet

I have many interests, but I think there are two common thread running through them all:

“Complex systems” sounds extremely abstract, but I think it really is the core of my academic interest. I like mapping systems in my head, seeing the nodes; seeing the ways they interact with each other. I like working out how to create elegant systems and optimal systemic solutions for solving problems.

This leads me in two directions:

  1. I love technology. Technology, along with all the problems it’s trying to solve, creates and makes use of myriad systems and systemic structures. I love trying to understanding these systems.
  2. I love social systems and social science. People are complex, and there are extremely subtle and nuanced rules governing how they think interact in a social systems. I love pondering people and psychology.

Running through all the mini projects and fancies that flow from my interest in systems is my deep desire for global fairness and equality. I believe that technology has the capacity to be a great equaliser. Most people in the world don’t really have a voice to influence the global power-structures, but hopefully the internet and communications technology can give them that voice.

In a nutshell, this is why I love the internet.

By @nottrobin