BBC publishing misinformation on knife crime

On Saturday night, there was a big fight outside one of our night-clubs here in Nottingham, in which 3 people were stabbed.

BBC publishing stupid opinions

The BBC wrote an article, including a quote from the nightclub owner:

This is not a localised problem, knife crime is becoming a huge national issue Community sentences and conditional discharges do nothing to discourage criminals

and the pull-quote:

Tougher sentences needed

I don’t understand why the BBC felt the need to give a platform to this particular schmuck. It is the responsibility of journalists, in my opinion, to stem the tide of sensationalism after events like this - after all, they should understand better than anyone the frequency with which stories like this occur.

The truth about knife crime

According to knife crime statistics from

The number of knife offences recorded (during the year to June 2012) was 9% lower than in the preceding year.

NHS data suggests there were 4,490 people admitted to English hospitals in 2011/12 due to assault by a sharp object. The lowest level since 2002/03.

Similarly, the Office for National Statistics has stats showing that total knife-related offences in the year to March 2013 is 26,336, down from 31,147 the previous year.

So, Knife crime is not “becoming” any kind of problem. It’s an old problem, but it’s improving. So shut-up Simon Raine.

Also, I don’t believe “tougher custodial sentences” have ever been the best solution. I don’t have time to find the evidence now, but I believe custodial sentences only harden criminals, and that rehabilitation is the way forward. And the police and the justice system are slowly realising this - which may be partly helping the knife crime stats. Don’t let stupid opinions like these derail that effort.

By @nottrobin