Baby & toddler products, reviewed (work in progress)

As I write this, my daughter is now nearly 3 and my son is 11 weeks old.

Over the years, we’ve bought quite a number of the “miracle” brands that are supposed to solve all your parenting woes. Some of them have been more helpful than others.

I’ll be gradually, over time, listing products we’ve used and adding reviews. Hopefully these reviews won’t be shallow - they’re not first impressions. These are based on a few years of experience living and parenting with these products. Although bear in mind that the versions we have will be a few years old now, so may have been improved upon.

Right now I’m just gonna throw the list down here, and then come back and write the reviews when I get a chance. If you particularly want to see my review for one of these products, please ping me on Twitter.


By @nottrobin