An open letter to Avaaz

I usually agree with and support Avaaz campaigns. I do find it a little annoying though that they don’t give me the option to say if I don’t support a campaign.

This latest campaign was such a case. 38 Degrees (another more UK-based online campaigning organisation) sent round an email about this very issue, but in that case it was to specifically ask if we thought 38 Degrees should take action or not. I responded in the negative.

So my only avenue of showing my disapproval was to send an email reply. I have no idea if it will even be read, and much less if it will make any difference, but there we go. Here is the email I sent them:

From: Robin Winslow
Date: 3 December 2012 15:40
Subject: Re: Hours to tame the Murdoch mafia
To: “Meredith Alexander -”

I’m not at all sure I agree with this. David Cameron’s reasoning is that he wants to protect press freedom. He thinks the rules suggested by Leveson set a precedent for the Government potentially having greater control over the press in the future.

I agree that people’s basic human rights need to be protected, and that media plurality is a good thing (therefore we don’t like Murdoch very much) - but the power of the press to investigate and report on difficult topics or controversial angles is absolutely paramount to society.

Sure we feel sorry for Maddy’s parents and all, and everyone agrees that the Sun’s behaviour was bad, but at the end of the day it’s not like a significant percentage of the population were really badly effected, and many of them were really rich and famous (like Hugh Grant).

I’m not a fan of the Conservatives, or David Cameron, but I do believe that Dave, in this case, truly believes in his position, and that he has good reason for his position.


Avaaz if you are reading this, please consider implementing a mechanism for people to say if they don’t agree with a campaign - because surely that must be an essential  part of any democratic system.

By @nottrobin