A blog's existential quest

I’m not entirely sure why I have a blog. Not to mention that it’s on Tumblr, which is not actually quite the same as a blogging platform, but that’s another issue.

Basically I have a blog because I like transparency in general - so I have this fantasy that my blog can be a transparent stream for my consciousness to be exposed to the world. And yet I still get upset that hardly anyone visits it.

Which raises the question of quality. Should I just throw any old rambling thoughts out there immediately and either come back to refactor them later (this has never happened) or just let search engines filter the wheat from the chaff? I don’t think this is actually a way to gain trust and build readership.

But then maybe I don’t care about readership. The act of writing down my thoughts is both therapeutic for me and helps me build memories, so that’s probably a good thing. And these writings may as well be public so if, on the off-chance, someone else might find them useful they can benefit from them.

So in conclusion, my blog is a place for half-formed rambling thoughts of mine, and it shouldn’t feel self-conscious about its lack of quality because it’s not about the quality, and it doesn’t need high readership.

Wonderful. QED. Bitch.

Welcome to my blog.

By @nottrobin