Chrome v25 breaks layout of date field

Chrome version 25 appears to have made a pretty serious change to how the HTML5 input date type is rendered.

Now the date type defaults to display: -webkit-inline-flex, and (this is the bad bit) if you use display: block the layout breaks:

date field layout broken

(try it yourself)

Why is this bad?

We use the date type on arena blinds, and to have more control over the layout of the input fields, they are all set to display: block. I think this is, if not “best”, at least a pretty common practice.

So one day we realised our date fields looked broken in Chrome, and it was because of this issue. So my boss said:

If we can’t rely on the date control not to break, we have to abandon the HTML5 date field altogether

And that’s entirely fair reasoning.

Cognitive dissonance

My boss’s perfectly reasonable conclusion goes against everything progressive that I’ve been trying to instil in my team.

Progressive enhancement is accepted best practice nowadays - to use the built-in functionality when it’s there, with fall-backs for browsers that don’t support it. E.g.:

if (!Modernizr.inputtypes['date']) {

This is a solid approach I strongly believe in. But if Chrome are going to implement breaking changes like this, I don’t know what to think any more.

Chrome, you’ve ruined my day.

By @nottrobin